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Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe was born in 1962 in France. He went to the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris from 1982-1985. He’s been prominent in the world of art since the early to mid nineties although his work hasn’t always been digital work. The most cohesive thing I’ve noticed about his work is that he really likes to mess with the viewer’s conception of reality. He likes to break the line that divides fiction and non-fiction to a point that the audience is confused on what is true and what is not. in the mid nineties he did a series of posters. “Rue Longvic” is a poster of a woman walking in the street in front of a billboard that is of the exact same thing, and he did the same thing with construction workers in “Chantier Barbes Rochechouart”.

In 1999 he did a two channel video with the bank robbery scene from “Dog Day Afternoon” next to a reenactment of the actual bank robbery that the movie is based off of with John Wojtowicz, the man who actually robbed the bank, he did this to show that Wojtowicz’s memory has been irrevocably altered by the film about his life.

He got alot of recognition for his project titled “No Ghost Just A Shell” where he bought the copyright of a manga character, then got a collective of artists together and throughout 1999 to 2003 they created works about or with this character. In 2003 he gave the copyright to the actual character itself, freeing it from ownership but at the same time killing it because nobody could make anything with her anymore.

In 2003 he did a project called “Streamside Day” where he went to this newly developed town in upstate New York by the name of Streamside, and what he did was he created and invented a tradition or celebration for the town. Complete with a parade, concert and speeches given by townsfolk. The whole celebration was based off of a myth that Pierre came up with but was transformed into reality by the “performance” of this celebration.

 “Celebration Park” which was done in 2006 is based off the idea that instead of an artist working on an idea or art piece with the end result of a showing or an exhibition, the exhibition was the starting point rather than the end.

            His most recent work was a piece called  “A Journey That Wasn’t”. This piece was similar to his “Streamside” piece because he creates something that is essentially not real and then by creating all of this footage and documentation or myth or story, it becomes confusing whether or not certain events really took place. So what he did was he came up with this story about an “expedition” he went on, to Antarctica in search of an albino penguin. Which didn’t actually happen, he said it was he and a collective of other artists and at some point their boat got stuck in ice somewhere and they find this penguin. None of it is really true, but he created stills and a film as their documentation of their trip. Then he exhibited it at Central Park as a musical.  Pierre said, “I’m filming the actual journey and a kind of parallel, a translation of this journey in the form of a musical in Central Park. The project happened to be in Antarctica so there’s all this mythology around it. You can think about Poe’s ‘Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym,’ about all the Antarctic explorers, about the ozone hole. There are many parameters. I’m just trying to navigate through this crowd of references. It gives a certain tension to the work because each image reminds you of this or that, or that. But for me that’s just background. . . . We don’t know if I even went there- if I saw this island or the albino penguin. Maybe I did. Maybe it’s a special effect. I don’t care.”

        I enjoy the way Pierre likes to confuse his audience. I like how his work really messes with peoples conception of what is real and what is not real. I like the idea of breaking the line between fiction and non-fiction. Although I kind of find Pierre’s work to be a little bit on the boring side at times, mainly because some of his works are all concept and not much content. I think he does cool stuff but with a few of his pieces it’s just jam packed with so much art wankery it makes me nauseous.  I’m not saying everything he’s done I’m not interested in; I’m just saying a few of them.